• Signed with VICE Productions for a paranormal tv show, filming a documentary on their lives as Korean, adopted, psychic twin, medium healers in Los Angeles 2019.
  • The National Enquirer  – Celebrity Predictions 2018 and 2019
  • The best women psychics of the year by “Arts, Ufo’s & Supernatural”
  • Featured psychics in PUNK’D with Celebrity Sanaa Lathan
  • Read Morgan Stewart from the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills at the mansion
  • Ukraines Battle of the Psychics, made top 12, offered contract role.
  • 2013: ESPsychics Website & ESP Radio and several syndicated radio shows including 2 years hosting on CBS radio “The Art of Healing”
  • Cover of American Psychic Magazine and featured on over 30 books and a psychic encyclopedia WORLDWIDE.
    Past production companies, Leopard films, Tacklebox films, Irwin Entertainment, Breakthrough Entertainment.
  • Psychic Gallery in HOMETOWN covered by News 34
  • www.ESPsychics.com is the brand new, unique website Chinhee & Sunhee just launched with partners Bettina Tendler O’mara.
  • They were also hosts of the successful radio show Sunhee and Chinhee Park on CBS radio for 2 years. They brought in celebrity guests and other fellow psychic friends to get the celebrities to admit to their own intuition. http://www.chinheesunheepark.com/cbs-radio-guests-clips