Chinhee and Sunhee TwinsEven though they now call Los Angeles home, there’s something uniquely New York about identical twins Chinhee and Sunhee Park. True, they are no strangers to the fact-paced streets of Manhattan, and both have impressive resumes from their work here in the entertainment industry. The sisters previously hosted their own show on CBS Radio, and have also been featured in magazines like Marie Claire, People and Time.

Of course, Chinhee and Sunhee are very unique: both sisters have been working as psychic healers for nearly 15 years, and both are openly gay. Born in Seoul, South Korea, the twins were adopted at the age of two in the United States. They triumphed over a difficult, abusive childhood, and now are very motivated to help others overcome their demons.

Despite having busy schedules, Chinhee and Sunhee sat down with last week to discuss their views on God, religion, psychics and traditional medicine, coming out, and what may be in store for the rest of 2012.

As psychics, what are your feelings about God and organized religions?

Sunhee: All in all, if you are living well and are happy, then we are happy. However, if you are not happy and are preaching about God in a way that drains our good energy, we won’t be hanging with you! We both believe in a higher power, and we love people who are religious. We also appreciate it when religious people are open minded to others who are not religious. Growing up Catholic, we saw many people in our church that looked miserable; Chinhee and I later realized that we, as psychics, were feeling the infidelity, addictions, negativity and dysfunctional vibes from others.

Chinhee: As a psychic, I am open-minded about God and organized religions. I was raised by Catholics and do agree with a lot – but not all – of the teachings from the Bible. I believe God and religion are important to people that need to have faith and believe in something; my perception is that God is not a tangible, human form, but a higher power and energy. There are negative aspects of religion, such as people trying to tell others who they can love, which I feel is anti-gay and not loving  at all. This is where I see religion going down a different path that God had nothing to do with. Other than that, I believe religions are good for the most part, and definitely help people.

Do you believe that traditional medicine and doctors will ever embrace psychic healers?

Chinhee: Yes, I believe traditional medicine and doctors will embrace psychic healers over time; I believe it’s slowly starting to happen now. I also believe that doctors have their own psychic abilities, and some use it towards their practices, but they don’t always perceive this “intuition” as psychic abilities. Believe it or not, a lot of our clients are doctors and physicians that are very open to their idea of psychic healers, but most will not go public! The fact that they are interested in our insight gives me a lot of hope for the future.

Sunhee: Some doctors have many years of experience and education, but are more like bad psychics; they are totally close minded, especially when their assessments are off. I feel that doctors with egos will never accept holistic or unknown methods of healing, but the ones who see positive results by combining traditional and holistic methods together do accept us. Eventually, other hospitals are practitioners will follow, but they have to be able to see what we can do before they will be willing to believe it. I feel that in 10 more years, most insurance companies, hospitals and doctor’s offices will have a psychic healing aftercare program.

How do you approach skeptics and those who severely disagree with your line of work?

Chinhee: I am highly sensitive and used to get very affected by skeptics; I used to take it so personally. I’ve had skeptics call me and grill me to test my abilities. When this happens, I immediately suggest they call someone else. It takes a lot of energy for me to read a skeptic, so I tend to avoid reading them at all. I don’t feel I should have to drain my energy to someone who is not open to my gifts, especially when there are plenty of people who appreciate them.

Sunhee: I was once in Ukraine filming for at TV show with hundreds of skeptics. I normally steer clear from people like this because their energy feels like a thick dark cloud; anyway, in this case I did not approach them, but they approached me. I had to do a ton of readings, and there were camera crews and directors right there. I had to shove their skepticism aside in my head, and say “It’s not me: they have issues, or could have been burned by a money-mongered psychic who only cared about money.” I did my readings with confidence, and some of the skeptics actually dropped their mouths open, and started clapping because I could read people’s details while being double blindfolded. That was great!

When you both came out as lesbians, what was that like and how did your lives change?

Chinhee: We came out to each other when we were 18 years old, and had been separated for the first time while away at different colleges. The funny thing is that I didn’t really come out to Sunhee: she psychically found out I was dating a woman at the time, and I was pretty much “busted” by my sis, even thought I was planning on telling her at some point. She had a boyfriend at the time, and was experiencing her own attractions to women, so the whole incident made us closer. It felt good to have her support, understanding and acceptance. We were too scared to tell our father, but when we finally did, he did not accept it all. We also lost some friends who did not accept our sexuality. We came out publicly in “Bellesprit Magazine” not too long ago because they really made us feel comfortable. I was raised by liars, so I want to be honest with people; to me, that’s the only way to be.

Sunhee: I had a vision of my sister dating a girl, so when she called me, I blurted it out and she confessed. Her coming out to me made us closer as friends, and created an even tighter bond between us. I was in a miserable relationship, and Chinhee’s honesty gave me the strength to erase the negativity in my own life. I found myself making better friends because I could finally admit to myself that I prefer women. Ever since then, I honestly believe Chinhee and I have more fun, laughter and amazing times together. It’s awesome to be real with yourself and others, instead of hiding your true feelings.

What are some of the upcoming projects you’re working on?

Chinhee: WE are in the process of creating our own television show with an amazing producer who truly believes in our gifts, and we have a network that loves us and wants our shows. The next step is to shoot the pilot, then the episodes. We are hoping to impact peoples’ lives, and open their eyes to truly gifted psychics, we also hope to rid some of the negative stereotypes that psychics have. The is the best outlet for us to reach more people, help them heal, and understand their own intuitions. Other  than that, we have upcoming galleries in Los Angeles and Las Vegas with our best friend, and associate healer, Gabriela Castillo. The three of us work very well together and have the same goal to help people! In the future, we are planning to open up an organic restaurant and cafe like no other.

Sunhee: We are also working with Gabrilea Castillo doing parties, dinners and reading at restaurants locally. Gabriela is one of our closest friends here in Lost Angeles, and is in our soul family, along with her gifted husband Arturo Castillo, who is a director and writer. They will also be a part of our television show. We are also doing a photo shoot with Adam Bouska from NOH8.

While growing up, you both experienced some very traumatic experiences – what advice can you give to others out there struggling to overcome their issues?

Chinhee: I believe we experienced extreme trauma and tragedy for a reason, and it has fueled my mission to help heal others. My advice for those struggling to overcome their issues is this: not matter how bad it seems and feels, always believe it will get better. With every bad event, you get something good out of it. The only way to survive is by accepting that we all have issues, and are dealing with them in our own ways. When you are ready to do that, you are on your way to actually living life.

Sunhee: Anytime that I was having a rough patch in the past, I would run to therapy or run to a social worker and talk about what I was feeling, and they would hand me a Kleenex and have a crying session with me. Releasing toxic thoughts and fears are very helpful for those suffering anxiety or panic attacks. Also, being around people who are sober can help too. Some people absolutely need to take antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications, and this is nothing to be ashamed of. Keep thinking positive and know that without the negative experiences, you would not be the strong person you are today! Don’t give up because you have a lot to offer to this world, and the pain made you even more special. I say this to myself daily, and I also say I am a beautiful person and I do deserve to be happy. The mind is very powerful!

What are your predictions for the rest of 2012, and more specifically, December 21?

Chinhee: 2012 feels like a very cosmic year and people are already starting to make changes to get on a healthy path of life. I don’t understand how some are saying the world is going to end this year. If anything, it’s a new beginning for some of us, and I feel a big energetic shift in people: more awareness, more kindness, and more oneness. I try not to tune into the tragedy, crime and negativity that’s going on, because it’s such a dark world at times. I also believe the aliens will make themselves known more often.

Sunhee: Financially, stocks are volatile, so bonds are the way to go. Gold will generally decrease in value, but white gold and diamonds will increase. There will e a new drug to help prolong the life of AIDS and cancer patients, while technology and electronics will cause natural disasters in other countries. I do not believe President Obama will get re-elected, but unemployment will decrease, and some CEO’s will actually get laid off. As far as “the world is going to end” theory, well I feel that the world is going to end on an ego level. The takers, and those with negative egos will become more chaotic and evil, to the point where they crack; the givers and people coming from love will help the others shift to a higher consciousness and psychic healers will have more work than they ask for. The “dark world” is going to end, and the “new world” is going to begin. That is what I feel that the Mayans predicted. I also feel that visitors from other planets are going to show more signs of life on other planets and telepathically send us advanced information to help us survive.

Written by:  Timothy Barello