Are you weighed down by something but not sure what? Do feel haunted by something from your past or feel regret over your actions with a loved one who has passed away? Are you suffering from a physical ailment that even your doctors can’t diagnose? Psychic healing is about coming to terms with something or someone from your past, (becoming aware presently) and preparing for the future with a new confidence. And feeling healthier in the process.

Twin sisters and psychics, Sunhee and Chinhee have performed psychic readings with hundreds of individuals focusing on healing them both physically and spiritually. Sunhee says “we help people who want change for their future, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We tap into the root of the problem psychically and through channeling. We pick up on the emotional and physical and the issues that cause damage. We are a double dose of healing. Together or individually we give good energies to people who call.”

Getting to the root of your past, to become aware of your present and see your future clearly

They provide psychic healing through email readings, telephone conversations or in person privately or at a party. Through the tone of your voice on the telephone or the way in which you phrase sentences in an email, they can pick up not just on what is troubling you, but who from your past is around you, perhaps guiding you or influencing your life. Chinhee can feel your negative emotions and sees clairvoyantly what you look like even over the telephone.

This healing isn’t just spiritual in nature. In your session Sunhee will pick up on your negative physical ailments and in the process help determine what the cause of this pain is. This might give you knowledge that will help you to recover quicker from your pain.

They are known not just for their gift of healing, but their gifts of clairvoyance, empathy, telepathy and mediumship.

They’ve been heard on CBS Worldwide Radio and written about in Marie Claire Magazine, Time Magazine, People Magazine, Book of Twins, and newspapers from all around the world.