Think You Know Them? Think Again!

Possibly one the most detailed and in depth interviews written about these amazing sisters. This article will not only introduce you to them in a way you’ve never met them, but will also tug at your heart strings with the personal feats they have overcome. Please take a few moments of your time to read this beautifully written gem.

Register of the United States and World’s Best & Most Trusted Psychics, Mediums and Healers

On the “Most Trusted Psychics”, Chinhee and Sunhee came in 3rd Place in the world! On that article of the magazine, they were nominated 1 of 5 top psychics in America!

World Challenge

Soon the sisters will be on the cover of a new magazine called “Psychics and Mediums”!

The sisters are passionate about this and did a radio show for “The Rape Declaration Program” on 99.5 in NYC. Click here to listen to the show!

The Park sisters are now Chief Examiners for the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums of the Psychic Division which is a 501C not for profit corporation in New York State! What an honor and blessing for these girls to be recognized in this manner. Every state should regulate how psychics conduct themselves, leaving open the opportunity for people to truly benefit from amazing gifts. Chinhee and Sunhee are so grateful to Maxmillian and his team!