A Few Testimonials for the Twins

Hi! I just wanted to write about my experience with Sunhee this past week during our reading. WOW! WOW! WOW! I have been to probably over 100 + psychics, however, no one has provided me with such detail (SPECIFICS) nor has any other psychic nailed my personality as well as Sunhee did. I have never written a testimonial for any other psychic, however, my experience with her warrants a raving review. I know as a psychic conesieur that Sunhee is the REAL DEAL. Not only is she excellent as a psychic, but she does not BS. I will definitely be calling her back in the near future, and I no longer have a need to search aimlessly psychic to psychic b/c I have the “ONE”! Sincerely, Jessica B Alonso

Dear Sis Sunhee, I am honored to be your friend. And I am honored to have you as friend and sister, Sunhee from bottom of my heart. Thank you so much for your warm caring heart and energy. I already have so much respect for you. yes we will and I am not in a hurry somehow I know every time I think of you, you can hear me. You are amazing psychic! HAHA! Wow, you have been busy. one day I would love to help others like you and chinhee do. I do always appreciate your wonderful energy and who you are and what you are. I will take your advice. Yes, I will stop talking to some people. I feel that i should not and i have been trusting this “pop ups” in my head since I was 9. never failed. I was in little emotional roll-a-coster for a while so I was not thinking clearly and I know now. And your energy is such a powerful. You made me feel much better and more. I can not just express how much I appreciate it. Indeed, do not run to people….that is what exactly i was doing for a while. Now i realize that i was looking for a wonderful mentor for a long time and now I found you. Yes, indeed talk to you soon! please take care of yourself. *HUGS* Much love and respect, Sis kumi

Oh wow Sunhee—I cannot believe how everything you said is so accurate. I feel as if I have told you everything and that we have been long-time friends and you know me inside and out. EVERYTHING you said it true and has happened. Everything! Wow–I am amazed. You are the very first person who has been able to read me. Honestly. Yes, I am psychic as well and I do see the spirits, quite often, still. I can tell who they are and their past when they tell me. Anyway, thank you so very much for this wonderful and amazing reading. I so do appreciate your gift. – Fawn

I greatly thank you for your reply!!! I also thank you for telling me that my friend will come around soon, that is comforting to know. I imagine that he is with his daughter when you stated that he is with a weaker female soul in his family. I found alot of comfort in your words of “when I think of him, is when he is thinking of me”. Again, I truly thank you for taking the time to help me with this matter!! Your message was a great comfort to me and very much appreciated too!! I was so impressed that you were able to pick up on the fact that the person that had passed was a male and not a female. Since all I stated was “a friend” of mine passed and did not state whether or not that person was male or female. You did a wonderful job on comforting me on this matter and I will be forever grateful to you for this!!! Thank you again! Cindy

I have recently received a psychic reading from Chinhee … and i received more than i could possibly have wished for … the love and light came pouring through … she wrote with such compassion & clarity … that the truth of her words was unmistakable.So Chinhee a heart felt thank-you ,you have an amazing gift, i would recommend you to anyone. You have changed the coarse of my life, uplifted me to tears & given me trust … in myself again.You have also touch the lives of my children & my x partner … thanks to you … 4 people are now well on their way to a healthier joy filled life.What more could any one ask . In deep gratitude with love overflowing Shikha how wonderful & true this really is , my new found sister … be well sweet spirit … arms open wide to you Chinhee Deep peace & loveShikha

Sunhee, Thank you so much for a great reading!!! You are AWESOME!!! I loved your personality!!! and you are funny!!!!! The reading was great you picked on so many things, at one point my mouth dropped open! I liked your reading because it wasn’t a “Here’s your future” type of thing. You gave me really good advice that will help me grow as a person not only now but also in the future. If my energy seemed a bit “tight” it’s because the ex (Kevin) was near me. I look forward to another reading once “the one” finds me. I can’t wait to read your book!! If you’re ever doing an event in NY please let me know I want to give you a BIG hug!!! Melissa

I recently received an email reading from Chinhee and could not be more happy with what I read. It was as if she knew me. Told me about my personality, answered all my questions and then some. I could feel the love and energy she put into my reading and greatly appreciate her for that! Its not just another reading – she truly cares about her clients and I love that!! SOO AWESOME!! Thanks again – sending you BIG HUGS!! xoxo Michelle

“Chinhee right away picked up on many of the people in my life and the situation very accurately, so many things you said made perfect sense. I’m am hoping and looking forward to things unfolding as you told of…….a little guidance navigating the unknown. You were such a joy and pleasure to speak with and I look foward to speaking with you again. I will keep you posted as things happen and thank you for sharing your gift and insight.” Rachel

I was overwhelmed with the phone reading from Sunhee, I became more aware of myself as a person and learned how to deal with other people and with men. It was an unbelievable experience for me of how she was able to know what is basically going on with my life like emotions that i didn’t even know or that I am aware of and after that I became more positive of myself and more hopeful for the future. I feel light after that conversation with Sunhee, it felt like I was healed and had inner peace that some of the questions that I have been hiding from the deepest part of my brain were answered. Thanks so much, like I told you the conversation was worth every penny, I appreciate the advice too, God bless! Jacklyn

October 29, 2010 – The psychic twins appeared at a semi-annual event that we sponsor. They were very professional and very flexible in their business dealings with us. Our patient’s loved them and lined up for 2 hours in order to have a reading with them. Many people wish to see them again and to actually set up private readings with them. I, whole heartedly, recommend the psychic twins and we will, absolutely, use them again in the future. Sincerely, Eric A. Dohner, MD

I recently arrived in NY after an absence of several years. I am at a crossroads in my life and sought some guidance as to what to do. Sunhee was compassionate and accurate, beginning my reading my mentioning a problem with my leg and also the ‘its complicated’ status of a relationship I’m in. She was open, compassionate and I felt love nad joy exude from her. She confirmed my thoughts as to the direction my path would take. So after hearing her intuition about what I will be doing , I have hope! – Anabel

These women are powerhouses! Psychic powerhouses! It’s not just that they are accurate and straightforward with their readings – it is also how they do them. They genuinely care and have a real down-to-earthness that I really appreciate. Honesty, positivity, truth, strength. Chinhee, Sunhee – you are all these things and more! I am very glad I booked with you and will do so again! All the best you two! -Gwen

These two are amazing, they truly are. As someone who believes in many different types of ways to heal someone, they have really opened my eyes to what spiritual healing can do for a person. My father has been battling cancer for almost 14 long years and there were many times we heard from doctors there was nothing more they could do for him… I honestly believe that the healing power that has come from Sunhee and Chineee has made such a difference in his power to overcome this disease over and over again…They have also shown me that although death is something many people are scared of and fear, (for themselves and their loved ones!) it does not mean the end of your relationship with the person who passes. That is a comfort to me, knowing that death is something I will always have to deal with in my life. Knowing that spirits are watching over me and can be my “guides/angels” is a peaceful feeling.

Thank you Sunhee and Chinhee, you girls are awesome…love you both and hope to see you soon! -Andrea

My phone reading with Chinhee was unbelievable. She knew things I wouldn’t even admit to myself. She totally picked up on my energy and my ex-husbands. But most important she helped me realize my own intuitiveness and helped me figure out how to deal with my empathy. Talking to Chinhee is really like talking to your best friend, she is so open and really listens to what you are saying. I can’t believe the things that have transpired since talking to her, she is absolutely amazing. -AG

I just wanted to say that I was very impressed with Sunhee. I have never had a reading before and I was anxious about it. Sunhee was great she told me exactly what I was going through without me saying anything about it. She told in detail things that happened to me when I was young and I had never told anyone about it. She is a sweet and fun person which makes the reading smooth and uplifting. I would recommend her to anyone that has doubts or needs a little bit of sunshine in their life. Thank you Sunhee I look forward meeting you !!!! Hugs – Nicole Dailey

Sunhee’s reading was my first experience ever with a psychic.  Her calming voice, and availability instantly comforted me into a space of sincerity and trust. While I was previously unsure if I believed in the power of psychic and healing ability, I was astounded by the many messages she delivered. Much of the content of our conversation resonated with my life to an uncanny level, and automatically had a thousand more questions running in the back of my head to pose to the insightful oracle of wisdom. Thank you Sunhee for your wonderful reading and I look forward to speaking with  you soon. Best, Elizabeth

Kismet: My soulful connection to Chinhee and Sunhee Park. They are incredible in every facet. They are gifted psychics and empathic healers. After each separate reading with the twins, I felt peaceful and calm. Both women have brought an equivalent amount of insight, love and laughter into my life; but in their own autonomous fashion. They actually had me at hello.

My first reading was with Chinhee; via telephone. The moment after I said, “Hello,” she told me that I have dark brown/black hair and blonde hair, too. Correct. I have dark brown hair with blonde low-lights at the tips. Mind you, this was a telephone reading. Her knowledge of my life still astonishes me. Soon after we spoke, her insights began manifesting (and still are). There are two specific points I would like to shine light on: travel and empathy. Firstly, I was planning to go on a trip in October. She said that wasn’t going to happen (even though, the trip was a couple weeks away from the date we spoke). I was shocked, since the departure date was imminent; but she strongly felt an interruption in plans. A few days later, my travel agent phoned me with last-minute, unfortunate news of a delay; due to overbooked flights. My jaw was frozen in a dropped position; for at least a day. Secondly, she told me I was very empathetic; and spoke of a male presence projecting his ailments/emotions on me.  My father is the only strong male presence in my life; and she believed it to be him. At the time of our reading, I was dealing with upper respiratory issues, for the very first time. Soon after, at a family dinner, my father inquired about my breathing issues. Apparently, his allergies had been irritating him coinciding mine; and it was his first time experiencing a bad flare up. Once again, frozen jaw drop… Amazing.

Sunhee picked up, and elongated, the frozen jaw drop right where Chinhee left off. She had me at “hello,” too. Sunhee immediately delved into my past and spiritual side. She revealed issues I’ve never shared with anyone. It amazed me whom she noted as my two main guides: my paternal grandfather and paternal uncle. I was surprised because I wasn’t close with either of them when they were alive. I must admit it was very comforting to know. She specified on their ways of communication and guided me on how to communicate with them. Their spiritual accompaniment is a way of making up for the lack of human connection with me. She knew my sensitive areas: neck, back and knees. Since I’m attune to my guides now, I have noticed my knees are sensitive to my guides’ presence. Any inquiry I send them, my knees get the chills. The stronger the chilling sensation, the more apparent the answer is to me… She assisted in linking my past, to my present and  future; bringing things full circle.

Chinhee Park is amazing in her psychic abilities. She did a reading for me through email and was able to describe me and injuries to my body. She validated things about my family past and present. She is able to tell you things truthfully that may help in what’s going on in your life presently. She is truly amazing and gifted and I am grateful for the reading she did for me. Thank you Chinhee! [posted on Aug 19, 2010 by Kathleen Uno]

I’ve had the pleasure of having a reading done by Sunhee Park a few times and she’s just been truly amazing. She doesn’t make you feel like you’re a client but make you feel more like a friend. Every time we talk its like picking up the phone to call a close friend. She’s very accurate with her readings and I just couldn’t ask for a better reader than her. I will always call on her when I need to have a reading done.[posted on Aug 15, 2010 by Jenn Asson]

My time with Chinee was incredible. She was able to pick up on things that I had no idea affected my life. She knew that I am an empath and after I had the chance to feel the information out, I knew she was right. I highly recommend Chinhee for any one! This has impacted my life greatly and I am now more aware of my power. Sending Chinhee much love Heather [posted on Dec 16, 2010 by Heather Mowers]

I was blessed to first connect with Sunhee when I became a member of their website. With nothing more than my basic information when I signed up Sunhee welcomed me and told me some things that no one else could possibly know. I was fortunate to have a reading with by both Sunhee and Chinhee, I was blown away by how accurate they were, right down to knowing that I would face some struggles that I wasnt aware of UNBELIEVABLE THEY HAPPENED!! [posted on Aug 16, 2010 by Brenda Herzog]

Kia ora, Sunhee did a Mini reading for me, She had never met or spoken to me at the time. She sent me a reading Via email. It was insightful and accurate. Her intuition was spot on, she knew I was vegetarian and wore strange clothes (my words not hers) She also told me some personal truths. Both Sunhee and Chinhee’s ability to connect with people is a very special gift which they share with open hearts, open minds while keeping it real…. [posted on Aug 17, 2010 by Lynley Fermanis]

I recently received an email reading from Chinhee and could not be more happy with what I read. It was as if she knew me. Told me about my personality, answered all my questions and then some. I could feel the love and energy she put into my reading and greatly appreciate her for that! Its not just another reading – she truly cares about her clients and I love that!! SOO AWESOME!! Thanks again –  sending you BIG HUGS!! [posted on Aug 18, 2010 by Michelle Crespo]

Sunhee Park: She didn’t have to ask questions. She knew. Brilliant. I was laughing so hard. I could instantly feel her high vibration and her healing. She could see precisely who was hanging around in my energy field and how I was picking up on them empathically and getting drained. She is THE best! No agendas and she has great boundaries and didn’t want anything from me! How refreshing! [posted on Aug 18, 2010 by Kristi Joyce]

For the past month i have been reading with sunhee and chinhee. They are like sisters i never had. they were both spot on on what is happening to me. All their readings is slowly comming to pass. When im drained and in despair i just givethem a call to get the confidence and spiritual lift that i need. [posted on Aug 20, 2010 by Lui ribo]

Chinhee Park has an incredible gift. My email readings were accurate and her predictions are coming true. Her words were kind and truthful. She validated what was happening in my life. She helped me and gave me hope. She answered all my questions and gave me more information than I hoped for. I felt the love and the positive energy. Thank you Chinhee!!! I will contact you again soon!!! [posted on Aug 29, 2010 by Mireya Lara]

Through an email reading, Chinhee accurately described my look and personality. Recently, I had an in-person reading with the Twin Psychics. Both are clairvoyant and have their own psychic abilities, but together are a dynamic duo, overflowing with information, advice and laughter. I immediately felt their physical and healing abilities, because I kept wanting to ask therapy and medical advice. Once you get a reading, you will definitely go back for more! [posted on Oct 6, 2010 by Dori Russell]

I had been ill and near death from Sept 2008 – Jan 2009. By the spring of 2009, I wasn’t getting better as quickly as anyone would’ve liked. I did a call for healing on my lungs and instantly started breathing better. Since that call, I’ve only suffered one lung infection, which lasted from the third week of March – the end of April this year. As of this month, my lungs are clear & gaining strength. These girls are wonderful, as friends and healers. I’m grateful to know them! [posted on Nov 15, 2010 by Robyn Albee]

I had a phone reading with Chinhee last week and thought she was amazing! Even before I could speak or ask some questions, she just told me what I wanted to know! She was so heartwarmingly funny and I felt like she was an old friend as opposed to someone I never spoke to before! I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs insights and verifications of anything. I’m so glad I called her! [posted on Dec 6, 2010 by Nellie Kim]

My phone reading with Chinhee was unbelievable. She new things I wouldn’t even admit to myself. She totally picked up on my energy and my ex-husbands. But most important she helped me realize my own intuitiveness and helped me figure out how to deal with my empathy. Talking to Chinhee is really like talking to your best friend, she is so open and really listens to what you are saying. I can’t believe the things that have transpired since talking to her, she is absolutely amazing. [posted on Jan 5, 2011 by Anne Guist]