CBSChinhee and Sunhee are on a mission to heal one soul at a time. Sunhee says “we help people who want change for their future, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We tap into the root of the problem psychically and through channeling. We are a double dose of healing. Together or individually we give good energies to people who call.”

Through their highly accurate psychic readings, Chinhee and Sunhee help people who are stuck in dysfunctional relationships or just stuck, sexual abuse victims or victims of any form of abuse. They offer telephone psychic readings, email psychic readings, live sessions and private parties. The twins are currently writing an autobiography with a ghost writer. Look out for their new book called “Pair of Normal”.

Find Chinhee and Sunhee at their new company ESPsychics LLC. Make sure to register and to sign up to receive the newsletter.  You can arrange a phone, email or chat session with either of them at I they are “offline,” you can book a session by emailing

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If you want to try us out, please register at there are one question email readings for $25.00. Once you have logged in, you click on our profile and then click on Send an email. Thank you! If you want to email Chinhee or Sunhee directly, email to get special rates for their appointment readings. 15min.= $55, 30min.=$95, 45min.=$140 and 60 min.=$225 First time clients receive a discount. Please state that you saw this on Chinheesunheepark website. Thank you so much, have a beautiful day!


Hi! I just wanted to write about my experience with Sunhee this past week during our reading. WOW! WOW! WOW! I have been to probably over 100 + psychics, however, no one has provided me with such detail (SPECIFICS) nor has any other psychic nailed my personality as well as Sunhee did. I have never written a testimonial for any other psychic, however, my experience with her warrants a raving review. I know as a psychic connoisseur that Sunhee is the REAL DEAL. Not only is she excellent as a psychic, but she does not BS. I will definitely be calling her back in the near future, and I no longer have a need to search aimlessly psychic to psychic b/c I have the “ONE”! Sincerely, Jessica B Alonso

Jessica B Alonso

I have recently received a psychic reading from Chinhee … and i received more than i could possibly have wished for … the love and light came pouring through … she wrote with such compassion & clarity … that the truth of her words was unmistakable.So Chinhee a heart felt thank-you ,you have an amazing gift, i would recommend you to anyone. You have changed the coarse of my life, uplifted me to tears & given me trust … in myself again.You have also touch the lives of my children & my x partner … thanks to you … 4 people are now well on their way to a healthier joy filled life.What more could any one ask. In deep gratitude with love overflowing Shikha


These two are amazing, they truly are. As someone who believes in many different types of ways to heal someone, they have really opened my eyes to what spiritual healing can do for a person. My father has been battling cancer for almost 14 long years and there were many times we heard from doctors there was nothing more they could do for him… I honestly believe that the healing power that has come from Sunhee and Chineee has made such a difference in his power to overcome this disease over and over again…They have also shown me that although death is something many people are scared of and fear, it does not mean the end of your relationship….



Recent Events

Recent Events

Signed with VICE Productions for a paranormal tv show, filming a documentary on their lives as Korean, adopted, psychic twin, medium healers in Los Angeles 2019. The National Enquirer  - Celebrity Predictions 2018 and 2019 The best women psychics of the year by “Arts,...

NOH8 Shoot with Adam Bouska

NOH8 Shoot with Adam Bouska

The girls did a photo shoot for the NOH8 campaign, helping to fight against proposition 8. This campaign is for equality not just hate in general.  Chinhee and Sunhee spent time shooting with celebrity actress Nia Peeples, also with Kristen Dalton, Gabriela Castillo, and Patti Negri!