Psychic healing: Whats going on with the girls


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Recent Events:

Chief Examiners for the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums. They test psychics for their ethics, gifts, personality, business, and refund policy.

2013 Voted #1 in the U.S., #3 in the world for Best psychic and medium contest by Arts, Ufo's and Supernatural magazine.

2012: Chinhee and Sunhee Park are signed with Espresso Entertainment and in the process of creating their own television show titled; “TwinTuition”. It’s a docu-drama/reality t.v. series displaying their psychic gifts and personal lives of tragedy turned into triumph.

2012: Voted #3 by for the International Register of the United States for Best Psychics Book written by International Best selling author Maximillien DeLafayette. Chinhee & Sunhee have graced the cover and feature story.

2012:Voted as one of “The Most Caring Psychics in the World” Book, by Maximillien DeLafayette. Chinhee & Sunhee graced the cover and feature story.

2012: Voted as one of the top 5 Best Psychic and mediums in the world, UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, issue 5. Chinhee & Sunhee feature story.

2012: Graced the cover of Bellesprit magazine with an 11 page article that tells all.

2012: Chinhee & Sunhee are featured in a new book about “Bullying” author; Jill Vanderwood. They will be featured in her “celebrity section” of bullying stories.

2011: Sunhee made top 12 Psychic in the world in “The Battle of The Psychics” television show in the Ukraine. She declined the contract to do her own television show in the states with her sister.

In 2010, the twins were invited to offer their gifts for the 2011 Feb. Grammy Award presenters and nominees. Their certificates will be placed in the SWAG bags for Celine Dion, Kelly Preston, and Mariah Carey's baskets. All thanks to owned by Lisa Gal Bianchi.

Sizzle Reel by Espresso Entertainment for New t.v. show




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